Hypothetical Sentences:

  1. If I had to choose one superpower, it would be flying.
  2. If it was summer already, it wouldn’t snow.
  3. If he had been more expressive, I would’ve understood him.
  4. If I had been taller, I wouldn’t bother wearing heels.
  5. If I had been able to fly, I would fly over the ocean.

New Vocabulary Sentences:

  1. During the combat of the war, the soldiers are the worst feeling to feel.
  2. The catastrophe of WWIII is possible in the near future.
  3. Carbon dioxide is exhaled out after we inhale the oxygen.
  4. The Hiroshima nuclear bomb had a terrible effect on nature and on the people.

5. It’s hard to deflect someone’s mind when he’s set on his mind for a goal.



Subject: KFC Job Application

Dear Mr. Jacob,

Hello? I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email to you as an applicant for the KFC job. I have attached my CV for the job application. Please check down below.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Solongo Battulga