Weekly Reading Log of “The Silver Chair”

  1. What kind of person did Puddleglum seem to be from his speech and what the children could see of him?
  • Puddleglum seemed to all legs and arms, and they could see very little of him only his arm and legs holding a lantern.
  • They found very warm and dry beds of straw inside the wigwam, which was dark in it.
  • Marsh-wiggle was hard to see because he was sitting still and looked nearly the same color as the marsh. He had a long thin face with a tightly shut mouth, a sharp nose, and no beard. He was wearing a long pointed hat with a wide flat brim and some hair over his ears that is greeny-gray.
  • Well, I think he thought without a prince Narnia could be in despair near future. So he could’ve thought it’s best to go with the children together to find a prince. Because he said King’s on a foreign country with a bad coughing and Trumpkin’s no good and there could be an enemy attack with a bad harvest in next summer.
  • They told him that he is too flighty and doesn’t take life seriously and also he needs to lower his spirit down.
  • The arrangements were Puddleglum carries the blankets with a large bacon round in them and a bow and sword. Jill carries the leftover eels, some biscuits, a tinder-box, and her knife. And Scrubb carries the Jill and his cloaks, Puddleglum’s second-best bow with his sword.




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Solongo Battulga

Solongo Battulga

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